An Easy To Follow Guide To Help You Quit Smoking

If you want to quit smoking, you probably already realize that it’s hard to do. You’re not going to be able to drop this habit in just a day, but there are things you can do now that will make it easier to quit. Read this article carefully and you should have no problem developing a stop smoking plan.

Get out some paper and weigh the pros and cons of smoking. You may find it a good thing that it helps you pass the time or reduces stress. However, there are a lot more reasons to quit than there are to stop. It costs you money, makes you more unhealthy and even makes you smell bad. If you cannot find that there are more bad things than good things about smoking, then you probably aren’t ready to quit yet. Once you have a few personal reasons to quit, you’ll be able to begin drafting a stop smoking plan.

Get a support system of people that you can trust to keep you from smoking. Tell them of your plans to stop, and don’t let them around you if you’re quitting while they’re smoking. Get rid of every ash tray in your home and every cigarette lighter. Sweep the cigarette butts off of your porch. If someone comes over that smokes, make sure that they do so outside. Keep yourself as far away as possible from cigarettes. If you have a lot of trouble saying no at places where you can buy cigarettes, have other people go in stores for you for a while until you’re not craving.

One great way to shock yourself into quitting smoking is to sit there and calculate just how much you spend on cigarettes. You may find this to be surprising because you could buy so much with your cigarette money. Think about it, if you spend 5 dollars a day on cigarettes, that’s roughly 150 dollars a month. You could buy something nice with that money after a few months and it will last you a lot longer than a pack of cigarettes would. Set up a bank account when you’re quitting and throw the money you’re saving on cigarettes into this account. You’ll be surprised how quickly it adds up.

Set up small goals that you can reach every day when you’re quitting. Make an effort to smoke half of what you did the day before, for example. You should always take small steps and realize that it’s very hard to just give up smoking all at once. You may find it beneficial to use patches, for instance. Whatever keeps you from smoking that day can be your goal. Substituting a smoke break for working on a hobby could be a goal as well.

If you work hard when you’re trying to quit smoking, then you’ll have a better chance at doing so. It’s going to be a little hard, but by using the above guide, it should be no problem. Don’t let cigarettes dictate how you spend your money any more and stop as soon as possible!

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