Getting Rid Of Your Addiction To Nicotine

Getting rid of your addiction to nicotine is not complicated if you adopt efficient strategies. Read the following article for some helpful tips on how to quit smoking.

Establish a deadline and some goals. If you are not able to quit smoking within a certain time frame, give yourself more time instead of giving up. Always remember that most smokers need a few attempts before successfully quitting. If none of the methods you use seem to be effective, meet with your doctor to explore other options. Perhaps taking a prescription like Chiantix could help.

Find a good support group and attend their meetings regularly. You will have the opportunity to talk to people who are going through a similar experience. Share your problems and successes with your group and do not hesitate to ask for help. You will learn a lot from the people in your support group and perhaps make some new friends. If you cannot find a support group nearby, join an online message board.

Identify all the habits you associate with having a cigarette. Some smokers always have a cigarette after a meal or as soon as they get in their car. Break these habits one by one, for instance, by replacing these cigarettes with some gum or candy. Give yourself an entire week to work on each of these habits. Do not hesitate to spend more than a week on breaking a habit if you need to.

You can reduce your smoking by cleaning your house thoroughly and always going outside to smoke. You could also try smoking only half a cigarette at a time or simply taking a few puffs to satisfy a craving. Stay away from the places where you usually smoke. If your friends smoke, it is best to ask them not to smoke in front of you and perhaps spend less time with them until you are used to not smoking.

Fighting your cravings should be easier if you know different stress management techniques. Some simple relaxation techniques will make your cravings go away. Experiment with different techniques before you quit to get a better idea of which techniques work best for you. Sign up for a yoga class or practice with relaxation and meditation exercises on your own to learn how to relax.

Make a list of all the reasons why you need to quit smoking. Remind yourself of the different health conditions you could develop if you keep smoking. Calculate how much you can save by quitting smoking and think of the new things you will be able to buy. If you are in a bad financial situation, remind yourself that quitting will help you reduce your stress. If necessary, spend the money you saved to reward yourself when you meet your goals.

Apply these different strategies to reduce your smoking and eventually quit. If you have a hard time quitting, meet with your doctor to talk about the strategies you have been using and learn more about the other options you could explore.

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